The Radical
Feminine Leadership

Are you ready for a radical approach to feminine leadership?  

As ambitious, intelligent and driven women, we often push down our feminine essence and conform to the conditioning of the modern working world.  

We think that we need to lead like men in order to be successful, but this denial of our feminine power means we end up feeling stretched and stressed.  

But feminine leadership has the potential to be a positive force for change, both professionally and personally. 

This in-depth program brings together my full body of work, to help you unlock your feminine power, and feel inspired as a female leader with the confidence to lead yourself and others. 

It will help you become an authentic, self-aware and empathetic leader who is truly happy from the inside out.

Drop the burnout.
Honour your needs.
Lead with joy.
Experience calm within chaos.

This is my deepest multi-layered program, with an integration of body awareness, emotional intelligence and nervous system understanding.

Over the course of six months we’ll do deep work, to help you understand your attachments, your needs vs desires, your fears, and how to discover your inner authentic, well-nourished leader.

This program is designed to work in three parts.

 Part 1: Emotional Mastery: Learn the tools to master your emotions, and build an understanding of your life and the messages being sent by your body and nervous system.

Part 2: Radical Rise: Allow your feminine light to rise and let your inner masculine hold her. Unlocking your inner gifts through the voice activation, healing mother / father wounds, Eros energy, and everything in between.

Part 3: Embodied Leader: Activate your boldness, your playfulness, your dark feminine power that is a crucial part of being a strong woman. We create an embodied sense of power in your body so you can fully step into the leader you were always meant to be. Without the dark feminine, life is incomplete. Our desires and ability to walk through the chaos come from her.

Your light and dark feminine aspects work together like yin and yang. One creates, the other destroys, and both are needed for us to be compassionate and powerful female leaders.

This is for you if:


You’re a woman leading others and trying out find their way in the old way of masculine operating.


You’re willing to take radical self-responsibility and do the inner and outer work.


You’re coachable and willing to be uncomfortable and challenge your current way of operating.


You’re ready for complete transformation in every area of your life and to face aspects of yourself, even when it’s hard.

The Embodied Feminine Leadership Program includes:


A six-month experience covering: 

  • A full structure of course work that includes 18 pre-recorded modules. 
  • 18 long videos for concepts.
  • 20 mini lessons videos.
  • Worksheets and prompts on weekly basis
  • Layered approach on weekly basis.
  • Access to a communication platform where you will do your exercises on a daily basis that will allow you to work on things at a deeper level and receive feedback from me on those tasks to let go of old habits, patterns and emotions while you embody a new way of being.
  • 18 x 30-min laser-focused 1:1 coaching sessions with Saru with questionnaires completed before the session so we can individualise concepts for you at body level.
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Get ready for a real transformation.

At the end of this powerful six-month program,

You’ll have transformed your life and embraced your potential as a leader. 

Become someone who can: 

  • Cultivate your power from inside so that you can see the world change around you, and navigate change calmly.
  • See clearly and express powerfully in an authentic way, in any situation.
  • Transform your emotions and energy so that you access your vitality and drive for life. 
  • Heal health and relationships so that you can have strong foundations in your personal life that bring joy and allow you to lead more powerfully.


Program modules include:

Emotional Capacity



Voice & Discernment



Sense of


Facets of


Feelings & Boundaries

Trust & Receptivity

Masculine containers 

Energy Hooks & Blank Canvas

Bad Girl & Life Force

Conscious Creating

What you will receive from this work

  • Power
  • Clarity
  • Emotional mastery
  • Body awareness
  • A sense of play
  • Sensual, magnetic & intuitive power
  • Boldness & softness
  • Grace
  • Commanding energy
  • Ability to navigate change
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