Emotional Mastery
for Women

Are you ready to tune into your emotional intelligence?

Most leaders believe that decisions are made from logic, rather than emotions, however studies have shown that 95% of our decisions happen in our emotional brain. 

As women who are leaders, we’re taught to run away from our emotions, even though in reality they are driving our life, our work, our health and our relationships.

Life starts and ends with emotions. The emotions are meant to rise, then be felt and released. And during this process there is a deep wisdom that can lead us as female leaders.

Emotional Mastery is about reconnecting with your emotions, and harnessing this emotional mastery to become a better leader, of yourself and of others. 

Tap into your body.
Create freedom.
Understand yourself better.

We’ll cultivate your inner power so you can see the world change around you, but stay confident in your knowledge of self.

You’ll learn to see clearly and express powerfully, no matter how chaotic things are.

And you will be able to transform your emotions and energy so that you unlock your natural inner vitality, and become your authentic self.

This is for you if:


Are burnt out and stressed out, stuck on the hamster wheel of life.


Are feeling out of control or detached from their emotions.


Are feeling overly stressed when having to deal with unexpected life changes.


Looks like they’re doing well from the outside, but knows on the inside there is chaos.

What is this program?


This program is a five-week supported journey to shift your body, mind and emotional awareness so you can transition through major life changes within career, relationships or health. This program is designed to help you master your emotions as a woman, and build the resilience to transform and transition as you reach a new chapter in your life.


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Get ready for a real transformation.

The Emotional Mastery Program includes:


A five-week experience covering:

  • A full structure of course work that includes 5 pre-recorded modules 
  • 4 long videos for concepts 
  • 6 mini lessons videos. 
  • Worksheets and prompts
  • Layered approach on weekly basis.
  • Access to a communication platform where you will do your exercises on a daily basis that will allow you to work on things at a deeper level and receive feedback from me on those tasks to let go of old habits, patterns, emotions while you embody a new way of being.
  • 4 x 30-min laser-focused 1:1 coaching sessions with Saru with questionnaires completed before the session so we can individualise concepts for you at body level.



Throughout this program, we will cover topics including:

The language of feelings

How to understand what is happening in the body

How to release and integrate feelings

Understanding your nervous system response

How to soften when there is too much tension

Through this powerful 5-week program,



  • Learn to process emotions and bring awareness to parts of you unconsciously sabotaging you.
  • Cultivate an ability to manage Change & Chaos in ever changing dynamic work & life.
  • Embrace the messy human side that allows connection with others
  • Get in touch with your true feminine that will allow you to lead more powerfully.
  • Create more energy and get rid of health issues
  • Access your true inner wisdom so you are listening to yourself and creating healthier boundaries.
  • Feel more presence and joy in daily life
  • Walk away with tools that will support you for life to use for emotional bursts, chaos and daily work/life.


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Begin your transformation today


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