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I’m on a mission to transform female influence through the life-changing impact of embodied leadership.

So as a speaker, I want to help women to connect with their inner wisdom, build body awareness, and find the harmony of connecting body, mind and emotions.

My approach to speaking is to share openly and honestly, while also sharing powerful ideas and exercises, which audiences can immediately start putting into practice.

I share my own story candidly, alongside the research and experience which has informed my embodied leadership practice, and real-life examples of the life-changing impact it can have. 

My speaking presentations are raw, honest, vulnerable and invite connection.

Let’s begin a conversation about how my voice can inspire change.

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“Embodied leadership is a multi-layered approach, exploring the connections between body, emotions, energy and mind, building solid foundations for us to thrive. It builds our emotional mastery, body wisdom and instinctive power as female leaders, so we can support ourselves and those around us, without burning out.”

- Saru Gupta

Speaking Themes & Topics




Team presentations, workshops & masterclasses (90min to 6 months long tailored)


My signature talk for teams can be designed to empower and inspire individuals to take care of their health through the principles of embodied leaderships, while also inspiring management to create systems through which team members are able to work on their individual health. This allows the whole business to thrive in both its organisational health and financial goals.

Teams are dependent on humans working together within a cohesive organisational nervous-system, and the health of an organisation can be assessed by the way individuals working within the hierarchy are able to regulate on their own and co-regulate with each other.

As an experienced, engaging and empowering speaker, I’m available for:

  • Keynote speaking opportunities - 30 minute to 90 minute presentations - tailored content to suit your audience.
  • Panel sessions on topics related to leadership, communication and relationships.
  • In conversation or Q&A speaking sessions.
  • In-person, hybrid or virtual event formats. 
  • Workshops and masterclasses with teams and organisations - as a stand alone experience or a series of progressive workshops to build embodied leadership skills - such as mindfulness, connection and communication.


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