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"As a media contributor, I'm honoured to share my ideas and knowledge with women around the world. My media articles, interviews and podcasts are about unlocking the potential of as many women as possible, through access to the ideas within whole-self leadership. Take a read and listen, and let me know what you think!"


Articles & Interviews

Inside Small Business

How to carry the weight of small-business leadership


Leadership as a small-business founder is a unique experience.

Unlike leadership in the corporate world, where you’re one cog in a very complex wheel, being a small-business leader means being able to lead yourself and others in a much more responsible way.

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The Corporate Escapist

Interview with Saru Gupta


I’m on a mission to fill the missing gaps for women who lead, and help them build awareness of their emotional, mental, physical and energetic health, while undoing decades of coping strategies and conditioning that mean they’re denying their potential to succeed as a powerful woman. 

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She Defined

Is Leading Like a Woman the Antidote to Burnout


The number of women in leadership positions is (slowly) increasing – women now run one in four of Australia’s biggest companies – but so is the number of women on the brink of burnout and struggling with stress.

When women came into the professional workforce decades ago...

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Women of Colour Founders Network

Helping Female Leaders Tap Into Emotional Mastery, Body Wisdom And Instinctive Power


Embodied leadership is a multi-layered approach, exploring the connections between body, emotions, energy and mind, building solid foundations for us as humans to thrive by working with our evolutionary nervous system...

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HR Leader

Human leadership in the age of AI


Have you ever been in a room full of people but felt completely alone? True human connection can only be felt – it’s not something we can explain with our intellect.

But as humans, we’re increasingly disconnected from our own feelings and from other people’s feelings...

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Saru Gupta Guest Podcast Episodes