Stress and

If you’re wondering how to create change within your life, stuck on a hamster wheel of stress and emotional fatigue, this short intensive program is an ideal way to get unstuck. 

Together, we’ll uncover what’s holding you back and identify the biggest stressors in your life, and how you can learn to manage your stress without feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. It’s a reset when you know your current status quo just isn’t working, and that your emotional exhaustion isn’t sustainable. 

You deserve better. 

This intensive will empower you to make positive changes and create a more fulfilling life.

  • Do you feel stressed and under pressure, but aren’t sure what needs to change? 
  • Do you feel out of control within your own life? 
  • Do you wish you could feel better and take charge of your daily stress? 
  • Are you ready to take responsibility for your health and happiness, with a proven toolkit just for you?

Then this 10-day intensive program is ideal for you.

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Who is this for? 


My transformational coaching programs are ideal for leaders, high-achievers, executives and medical professionals who are ready to make a big change in their life, and want to be supported in getting there in a sustainable and fulfilling way. 

It requires a level of commitment and self-awareness that can be confronting at times during the process, but will lead to a new understanding of yourself and those around you so that you can thrive in every aspect of your life.

What is this offer?


This coaching intensive includes: 

  • A pre-questionnaire to gather your thoughts and to use our time together efficiently
  • A 75-minute 1:1 coaching session via video call, where we dive into the two stressful situations, look at how you feel and respond currently, explore strategies to manage stress and create an action plan to carry you forward as well as activating your confidence in your ability to manage stress straight away.
  • A recording of our session so you can view the replay as and when you need, and walk away with a clear stress buster toolkit to carry you through stressful situations.
  • Week-long support via VOXER (which is an app that we can use for text and voice memos) where you can ask questions about how to implement those strategies in real scenarios. This is where the magic happens when you have me helping you to transform in real-time. 
  • A follow-up 1:1 30-minute coaching call to ask questions and work through anything else that comes up and define the next steps to regulating stress, managing emotions, and feeling alive and fulfilled in your daily life.
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What you'll get





What does it entail?


During your 10-day intensive, we will:

  • Work through two stressful real-life scenarios from a recent time in your life - whether related to work, food, relationships or sleep - to understand better how stress shows up for you. 
  • Gain clarity on what you could do in these scenarios to have created a different outcome.
  • Develop a toolkit of strategies designed uniquely for you, so you have the confidence to respond consciously in any situation.
  • Discover any limiting beliefs that are stopping you from making changes for your growth and wellbeing.
  • Plan how you can start your day so that you can feel empowered as a woman and ready to flow through your day, customised to your unique life circumstances.

Ready for a powerful reset?


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