Changing the world through embodied leadership

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Creating instinctive and powerful women through whole self-leadership

By redefining female leadership to be nourished, self-aware, instinctive and powerful, I empower women who make a positive impact on the world.

As a global embodied leadership coach, I’ll help you embrace your own unique feminine approach so you can better lead yourself and others, without burning out.


I help female executives, leaders, managers and professionals to build a more sustainable, successful and joyful life. My highly-supportive coaching and mentorship will unpack deep rooted issues, and together, we’ll work to accelerate your growth, while addressing the barriers that stop you from living a life full of vitality and power as a woman.

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As a speaker, I’m on a mission to empower as many female leaders and high achievers as possible with the life-changing principles of embodied leadership. By sharing my stories and knowledge openly and honestly, and providing powerful and practical ideas for action, I empower audiences to make real and lasting change.

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My proven self-guided programs are designed to activate real and lasting change. Designed to introduce you to the principles of embodied leadership, these programs will take you on a journey. They are a path to embracing the true potential of self-aware leadership, and making real and lasting changes for a better, more fulfilled and joyful life as a woman.

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What is Embodied Leadership?


Many female leaders and high achievers today are successful, but are paying the price for this success in other aspects of their lives

So many of us are running at full speed but getting nowhere

On the surface, we might seem to have it all together, but underneath, we’re struggling. 

Putting on a brave face, self-soothing with bandaid solutions, and hoping that on the other side of hard work and external approval, we’ll finally find happiness.

We’ve lost touch with our inner knowing and closed ourselves off from the stories our body is trying to tell us.

But there is another way.

I know, because ten years ago, I was in the same place.

After a decade of hard-earned experience, scientific study and consultation, I’ve developed a truly unique approach to embodied leadership - helping high-achieving women to unlock their potential as a powerful female leader. 

Embodied leadership is a powerful approach that sits at the intersection of body awareness, emotional intelligence, and nervous system regulation.

Today, we’re so driven by our heads, that we’ve forgotten how to listen to our bodies, which is where our power comes from.

This disconnect is underpinning our mental health woes, stress, burnout and exhaustion as ambitious leaders and individuals.

By activating body awareness, we can build energy, lead with understanding, and become internally aligned.

This is a progressive, innovative, experiential practice, giving you the insight and tools to thrive in every area of your life - as a female leader within the workplace, and as a fully satisfied woman outside of work.

No more quick fixes or surface-level strategies. This is deep work, for lasting change, so that you can become an instinctive, flourishing and resilient leader.

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“Magic happens when you work with full awareness of your body, mind, and nervous system, to not only be alive, but to thrive.
When these aspects are aligned, like a fully serviced machine, you can handle anything."

- Saru Gupta

As a leader, you have a unique perspective,
the potential to influence others and
to create change for good within the world.


But you don’t need to sacrifice your own health and wellbeing
to support others to thrive and perform at your best.

Let me show you how. 


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