Are you ready to make a bold change to your leadership, so you can flourish personally and professionally? 

These challenges are designed to help you bring awareness to every aspect of your life as a leader, while feeling fulfilled and empowered to create a positive impact on the world.

I help women leaders and high-achievers to become self-aware, instinctive and powerful in the way they lead themselves and others, without burning out.

We’ll cultivate your inner power so you can see the world change around you, but stay confident in your knowledge of self.

You’ll learn to see clearly and express powerfully, no matter how chaotic things are.

And you will be able to transform your emotions and energy so that you unlock your natural inner vitality, and become your authentic self.

This is for you if:


Are burnt out and stressed out, stuck on the hamster wheel of life.


Are feeling out of control or detached from their emotions.


Are feeling overly stressed when having to deal with unexpected life changes.


Looks like they’re doing well from the outside, but knows on the inside there is chaos.

The Authentic Leader Challenge


If you’re a high-achiever with success in leading at work, yet you feel that you’re struggling in other parts of your life, then this challenge is for you. 

As someone with responsibility, it’s easy to give away all of your resources to others, especially for our work, while completely ignoring other aspects of our lives, and plastering over the cracks that appear. 

Sometimes you might feel ready to address the feelings of unfulfillment or disconnection in other parts of your life, but struggle with knowing where to start.

But there is power in leading yourself outside of work. When you’re able to understand and lead yourself, you’ll become an even better leader at work. 

This is a week-long journey for leaders who want to activate authentic leadership, and build better understanding of every part of life, not just the you at work. 

Over the course of a week, you’ll take part in: 

  •    Pre-set structure
  •    A three-day program with recorded calls and prompts which can be completed over a week. 
  •    A 60-minute 1:1 deep dive coaching call to bring together your learning from the training. 


It’s a powerful program, and a guided understanding of how you can live a more authentic life and become a better leader. 


Coming Soon

Get ready for a real transformation.

The Authentic Doctor-Leader Challenge


Doctors are often seen as real life superheroes. They have hard jobs, and struggle under the weight of expectation, responsibility and time for themselves. As the healthcare system becomes increasingly burdened, who is helping doctors thrive under pressure? 

If you are a doctor who feels you have forgotten your own wellbeing, and pushed aside your own needs in the name of a bigger cause, then this week-long journey is for you. Dr Elizabeth Hughes and I have co-created a powerful transformational program for the medical community.

 Are you ready to question the current paradigm in the medical world, which is leaving doctors burnt out and in self-sacrifice mode? This program will help you understand what’s not working, and empower you to be a better doctor at work, without sacrificing other aspects of your life.  

 Over the course of a week, you’ll take part in: 

  •    Pre-set structure
  •    Three-day program with recorded calls and prompts which can be completed over a week. 
  •    60-minute 1:1 deep dive coaching call with Dr Elizabeth Hughes & Saru Gupta

 This program has been designed to support doctors and medical professionals in living a more authentic, sustainable and balanced life. 


Coming Soon


Throughout this program, we will cover topics including:

The language of feelings

How to understand what is happening in the body

How to release and integrate feelings

Understanding your nervous system response

How to soften when there is too much tension

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