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Over the past decade, I’ve dedicated my life to learning from some of the world’s best practitioners in a wide range of disciplines. Underpinned by science, life training and experience working with clients, these studies have led me to create my unique and impactful approach to embodied leadership.

My learnings and insights have created these programs.

Each of these is designed to give you access to life-altering knowledge, so that you can take control of your life and leadership, and start to feel truly aligned with your body, mind and nervous system.

Whether you’re looking to dip your toe into embodied leadership with a mini workshop, or want to undergo a transformation over weeks or months, one of these programs will be the answer to the questions you’re asking.

Each program is designed to help you gain clarity and wisdom, and to start seeing the world through a new lens.

I’m so excited for you to take part and create impactful change within your own life.

“Today, we’re so driven by our heads, that we’ve forgotten how to listen to our bodies. This disconnect is underpinning our mental health woes, stress, burnout and exhaustion as ambitious leaders and individuals. Harness your innate vitality and instinctive wisdom as a powerful female leader, by connecting body, mind and nervous system.”

- Saru Gupta.

Mini Workshops

Authenticity Challenge


Are you ready to lead a more authentic life? 

How do we define true authenticity? 

It might be an overused word these days, but an authentic approach to leadership, relationships and life can be the key to bringing out your true embodied self. 

In this week-long reflective and experiential journey, you’ll take part in three masterclasses and three mini lessons on how to create an authentic approach to life. In this gentle program, we’ll cover: 

  • The link between authenticity and power 
  • Why authenticity is a journey, not a destination 
  • How you can start to bring awareness to different aspects of yourself - the parts that are often messy or hidden 
  • How to become a more true and genuine version of yourself 
  • And much more
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Specialised Programs 

The Authentic Doctor-Leader Challenge with Dr Elizabeth Hughes


Medical doctors are under a unique pressure to give their all to their work. So much so, that their own health and happiness often suffers as a result. If you’re a doctor who’s looking for a more sustainable approach to leading at work and flourishing in life, this is the challenge for you. 

Developed in partnership with Dr Elizabeth Hughes, you’ll learn how to thrive, without self-sacrifice.

Coming Soon

The Authentic Leader Challenge


Are you a high-achiever at work who feels they can achieve great things professionally, but who struggles to bring that same success to life outside of work? 

Do you feel stuck, burnt out, or caught in a hamster-wheel, never feeling fully present, fulfilled or connected to those around you? This challenge is about challenging your status quo and unlocking your potential as a self-aware leader - both personally and professionally. 

Coming Soon

Deep Drive Programs 

Emotional Mastery for Women Program


Our lives are dictated by our emotions, but as women we’ve been conditioned to mask our true feelings, which leads to a disconnect within our body, mind and nervous system. 

This five-week program is designed to help women reconnect with the strength of their emotions, better understand and master their emotions, and feel able to cope with the unexpected set-backs and challenges of a life well-lived. 

This powerful tried and tested program is supported by one-to-one coaching sessions with me, to help you see clearly and express powerfully in any situation - at work, and in life.

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Radical Feminine Leadership Program


This is the big one. My deepest, multi-layered six-month program, designed to help you connect with your strength as a female leader, and manage your mental health, ditch the burnout and feel fulfilled within your life. 

Over the course of six months, we’ll take an intense and confronting look at your inner workings, your fears, your desires and your human instincts, so that you can harness your power and have a positive impact on the people around you and the wider world. 

If you’re ready to challenge your current approach to life and leadership, and create real and lasting transformation, then I invite you to step bravely into this life-changing program.


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